the faithful and joyous files…

it was a day like none other… why? just because…

sunday night i went to sleep hoping to go swimming in the morning.. unfortunately the pain was too much to bear… saturday’s hip hop lessons still left an impace on my poor legs… so i scrapped that and met faith directly for our threading and manicure session at wax in the city (cheesy name i know, but the place is superb~!).

i was only supposed to do eyebrow threading but the lady convinced me to do full face… after which she did a mini massage… don’t think i’ll be getting another full face, suddenly my whole forehead is breaking out… on the up side i got a beautiful french manicure done by monica (simply fabulous~!).

after that we met up (slowly but surely) with joyleen – her fault not ours… and headed off to vivo to gourge… can’t help it, we were hungry… it was then i discovered something that escaped me for 10 years… i now have come to terms with it and choose to be in denial…. hahaa… for those of you who could be bothered to guess… it’s not about me… nor is it related to me… but still i don’t think it’s true or has any thuth in it… although… nah… couldn’t be… so be it~!

tuesday to date is a blur… only thing exciting are the increminating pix i took of some one… muhahaa… i can so bluemail her~!!!

Friday… opening of pyramisa…

Saturday… makansutra 2nd food safari… hmm… how will i pull that off? we’ll see…

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