love me sexy… a song so bad it’s actually ‘good’ (what ever that means)

Come on girl,’s me Jackie Moon.
Don’t gimme that look, that’s right, let’s get sweaty, let’s get real sweaty
I’m talkin’ rainforest sweaty, I’m talkin’ swamp sweaty.
Let’s fill the bathtub full of sweat…alright.

Love Me Sexy by ‘Jackie Moon’

ok, so that’s one of the cds i just bought… only cos it was cheap and the song is hilarious~! the MV’s even funnier…

life’s been good so far (how can it not be when ur on leave)?

1st Nov went for Lee Mom Music Man concert… it’s not bad… then Jan & I chilled out at brewekz after cos the buses were crowded and roads jammed…

attended a wedding the week b4 last… then went to genting on a shopping spree of sorts… bought 8 pairs of shorts (who knows why), 14 pairs of socks (6 pairs for my sis), maybe a bout 10 tops (or less) and other stuff that i can’t remember right now :p

Last Friday i finally went to wasabi tei at far east… food’s not bad… but that’s about it… they kinda have traditional chinese service… like no nonsence from customers…

Last Saturday had a post b’day gathering at my place (some colleagues and friends from OC), thanks for coming guys… quite happy that the weather held out till then… it stormed once my last guest left… Jan doesn’t count since she stayed over :p Jan was here earlier in the day to prepare her vodka mango chicken and earlier in the day mom n i went to the market to pick up the roasted pork & duck… so what was on the menu besides that? Chicken, beef & mutton satay, otah, oven baked potatos in cream sauce, Jan’s carrot cake and a bit of coffee jelly. After that we had a bit of wine as well 🙂

Special thanks to my sis and Kailing for helping out and of course mom for being her and ‘ordering’ everyone to sit down and have a proper meal… har har…

the next day we woke up late… managed to scout out the Club 21 bazzar at the pit (near flyer)… i bought 1 diesel skirt and 1 A|X skirt =^_^= after that we headed to sg flyer and chilled at this bistro… lovely salad and pizza. Jan told them it was too salty and they wanted to offer us another drink. At this imagined the VISA ad where zhang zi yi has that preposterous fight scene over soup…

speaking of soup… i’m meeting ber for soup tonight 🙂

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