Taste: Makansutra

the makansutra food safari was a blast… enjoyed myself 🙂 as did all the rest of the participants… after that jan & i went back to the office to drop off something, since we were there we tried to see if we could succed in opening a half opened bottle of wine that some of us struggled with the night b4… alas it was in vain… as a last resort we asked mr ho for his help… and wa-de-ya-noe, he did it~! and it was almost the worst bottle of wine i’ve ever tasted~! hahaa..

pre-christmas i managed to get foc tix to the premier of Ip Man (eep mun) went with 2 colleagues, jan unfortunately couldn’t make it… t’was a bonus that we saw vincent ng there… hehee…

christmas went by pretty fast… pity that… still, i did enjoy all the x’mas hampers, the presents and the meals… as usual we had friends over (when i say we, i really mean mom) but then again, after my last gathering i think i’ll sit out any more entertaining :p christmas lunch was with uncle, aunt & g’ma at long beach @ dempsey then to ben & jerry’s for dessert…

New Year’s went by rather quietly… although our team had a lovely (business) lunch at majestic restaurant…

then there was the 5 star travel D&D that wasn’t as much fun as expected (maybe cos it was more of their D&D), medialink lunch, betrayed babies (which was not too bad, except that near the end, the subtitle projection was covered and the spot lights weren’t on the right ppl – which proved thier point that the sound & light technicians played an equally importantly in every play), popped by the museum of broken relationships… which brings us up to speed…

Love the looong weekend~! Lunar New Year’s eve went to long beach @ dempsey again… service was just like expected on cny eve… crappy… after wards we headed to holland v. for swensen’s ice-cream… i had of course what i just dscovered… the mini colt tower~!

CNY lunch was with uncle, aunt & cus cus at bontà… lovely food~! there was focaccia baked with walnuts and feta cheese centre and accompaniment of olive oil and olive leaves, for starters i had grilled assorted veggies (mom had pan seared tuna and stuff), for mains i had sirloin topped with the cutest mushrooms and ended with dessert so delicious that the name escapes me (hahaa, right. i’m just forgetful~!)… nothing can top that~! (for now)

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