Sight: sloth away…

what to do on a boring saturday… blog? and that’s only after i can’t do anything more on my new obsession, mob wars :p

this week went by rather quickly.. maybe it was the cny… tuesday met ber for dinner and fann wong movie..

Wednesday went by rather fast… at work did a bit of this and did a bit of that… left on the dot to meet ber, sher & du… dinner was at kushin bo at suntec city mall… not the greatest of places but it’s was du’s special request :p on the up side, there was yusheng, that was a nice touch, of course the fact that it was ladies night was even better, hee…

friday, had cny lunch with our ad agency @ hai tian lo pan pac, lovely place great food and the yusheng experience was absolutely fabulous~! Judy (the waitress who served us) had this clear sharp voice akin to opera singers that just captured our attention with her new year greetings and wishes, it was just amazing~!

that day i got off work and headed to ps and passed sher sg flyer tix… then went to orchard to meet jan, dinner then movie… was kind of a wast of time and energy making my way there, cos in the end i just travelled there to travel with jan to cineleisure… watched underworld which wasn’t that bad, not that great though…

was supposed to meet sher and jan today at about 11pm… scrapped that, too late… think jan was a lil disappointed but oh well…

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