April 13, 2009, 15:55

Quickie updates

2009-02-21 What the Butler Saw (by Zebra Crossing) – with Ber & Don, ber might kill me for this but i passed the foc tix to mom and friend (who didn’t enjoy it that much) while the 3 of us bought tix :p

2009-03-05 Jan’s B’day – Celebrated with Jan, Mel, Tzewei & Jo @ Hanabi…

2009-03-06 Wine Bos – with Ber & Don…

2009-03-13 Dragonball then to Pauliner – Dragonball with Jan & QTR then Pauliner with Ber and Don

2009-03-27 The Importance Of Being Earnest (by WIld Rice) – Gala Night invite (but of course) with Kat

2009-03-28 Mel’s b’day at downtown east

2009-04-03 St James – wind down friday with Erin, Jean & BF and Julian… Erin says the next time we go clubbing no julians cos he’s always ‘sleeping around’… hahaa…

2009-04-05 Bintan baybee~!

2009-04-08 Joy’s farewell at rec club~!

2009-04-09 Dinner at Alexander with Jan, Ber & Don

2009-04-11 Original plan was to  have lunch then to the Asian Civilisation Museum with Ber & Don… abandon plans of that due to the sudden downpour~!

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