who can say where the road goes, where the day flows? only time…

Kang Xi Portrait on silkok the song haunts me… but only cos i keep visitng a blog that has this song on replay…

the week gone by was hell and heaven at the same time… now i only say it’s heaven cos it’s over and nothing that has past is worth forgetting…

saturday i finally went to the Kang Xi Exhibition… went with erin and don’t mind going again next week… the exhibit itself wasn’t that extensive but it was interessting none the less… we joined the 2pm tour in english, but maybe if i am able to, the next round i’ll join the mandarin.

after that i met ber… just to chill and stone… there’s not much else i can muster up the strength and patience to do these days… The next exhibit i wanna catch is the Da Vinci Exhibition that will be on display from 16 May till 16 August 2009 at the science centre singapore. This should be fun, might even try to catch a show at the ominimax theatre~!

this week i also signed up to volunteer as a helper for the june english camp… mom said that i might want to volunteer as a teacher instead of a helper… anyone trained by my mom is definately more then qualified to teach a bunch of foreign teens, she reasons… aye, that i agree… maybe i’ll check it up… only deterent is that i’m not a morning person~!

Sister’s in Canada now… hope all will go smoothly, safely and FUN~! she should have taken the walkie-talkie along… mom just got her auto-roam activated and since i was around i transferred my mobile line from her name to mine (like finally~!), since i didn’t need a new mobile they let me ‘upgrade’ to to the ‘super sim’ plan, where my talk time and sms is doubled (for the promotional period of who knows how long/short) and i’m not tied down. If at any time i want to get a mobile phone at the special price it’ll just revert back to my normal plan package; in which case, i’ll sign up under my corporate package. Damage: $20 processing fee and i need to reapply for credit card payment.


From: Nikki
Sent: Thursday, May 21, 2009 5:36 AM
To: Wendy
Subject: RE: Enquiry: English Summer Camp 14-28 June 09
Hi Wendy
I would like to sign up to be an ESC Camp Helper for:
19 June (Fri)      Part-time 8am – 3pm
22 June (Mon)   Full day 8am – 10am
23 June (Tue)    Full day 8am – 10am
24 June (Wed)   Part-time 8am – 3pm
25 June (Thu)    Part-time 8am – 3pm
Let me know if there are any time slots that you need additional help (from 19-25 June 09).
Yours sincerely

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