Theatrics: Own Time Own Target… still on target~!

I think e previous run at Singapore Theatre Festival was better (more audience participation)… or maybe it’s just a little different, tailored to a larger audience…

Previously there was another play in between titled ‘Radio Silence’, also by Laremy Lim that i throughly enjoyed, pity this time round it wasn’t included… Probably to give way for greater character development in the 2 main plays ‘Full Tank’ by Laremy Lim and ‘Botak Boys’ by Julian Wong.

All in all i think it’s a 1st class comedy act that’s close to e heart… In my humble opinion, ‘Own Time Own Target’ is still well worth the watch and kudos to another play well done by W!ld Rice~!

NS theme so be prepared for hokkien vulgarieties…


    1. Re: Thank you, my dear.

      Really loved the plays, which was why i absolutely had to catch it again~! Hope to see more of your work really soon~! 🙂

      1. Re: Thank you, my dear.

        hm… planning on a one hit wonder?

        oh well, i’m sure what ever you move on to you’ll do great~! =D

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