Dec. 30th, 2012

It’s nearing year end and I’ve come to realise that many of my friends (or what little I have), have been updating their blogs with:

  • year-end evaluations
  • new year’s resolutions
  • reflections

and I thought, yes, it’s a good time to update my blog. But instead of reflections, let’s just get us to speed.

Since November I was obsessing about my weight after realising that I’ve put on near 5KG in the last 6 months. Managed to lose about 4 of those but have since laxed on the diet and exercise once the holiday period hit. Let’s pick this up again soon shall we?

After Hong Kong, the only other trip I took was to Cambodia. Those who know me will know that this has been an annual trip with the church since 2009. For this trip we departed on 8 December and headed straight for the village, stayed 2 nights in the village before spending one night Phnom Phen and heading back on 11 December. This trip was a bit more structured and most items such as skits, safari beds, and other small logistics were planned out. Unfortunately, planning can’t improve the living conditions that deteriorate further with each passing year. More lights have spoiled, water closets, flooring, lights etc. If this is just for the church building in the village, what more for the villagers?






Though the attendance for every year’s outreach has increased, we still see the local pastor struggling to get a foot hold into ‘new’ villages with hostility and threats from the authorities.

This year we have some extra companions in the village, bed bugs. Though the bites are pretty bad, it’s nothing compared to the thought of the chance that I might have brought them back. A bedbug infestation is no joking matter! I was so afraid that I’ve thrown the clothes I brought there as well as the luggage away.






Alright lets talk about some happier things. Even with those minor discomforts, the trip was very much enjoyable. Talking/bonding to the locals from the village as well as volunteers from the city. This time round there was more time to tasting the local delights and take in the local sights. I finally made a trip to the killing fields; a place I was rather reluctant to go but I’m glad I did. I now understand more on the background of the people and their suffering.






Christmas just past, this year we kept it really simple. Christmas lunch was at Astons Steak & Salad at Centre Point. I love the salad bar appraiser buffet. My main was a grilled salmon (just like mom’s) and sis had a fried chicken. Dinner was a lamb roast that i didn’t quite perfect, it was actually too rare. So dinner took much longer then expected.





Just yesterday I rented a flea market ‘booth’ at *scape’s What The Flea with DS to off load our old stuff, results were a little disappointing. I think the main reason was a matter of taste. At the same time DS passed me my birthday present, I must say that she really knows my taste, cos she got me a desigual top that I love and already own. After the What The Flea ended, rlj was nice enough to pick me up after (or I wouldn’t know how to carry all my stuff home), cook dinner and wash up. There was minor whining, but I was just too tired to register them.



And what have I been doing today, just 2 days shy of the new year? Like what i do every Sunday. Sloth, go to church, out with family, and ended it with a lovely Saboten dinner~!

All in all, a rather enjoyable year. *crosses fingers* one day left~!

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