The day there was no justice… 

The day there was no justice was like any other day.

It started warm and bright filled with hope and light.

As the morning turned to noon, light turned to gloom.

What can one do when it’s raining?

Keep calm and drink tea.

A couple of months back I ordered a glass teapot and tea cups (all bought separately) online. The tea cups were delivered relatively fast but my teapot travelled around the world and back to china. The shop was nice enough to ship it out again (instead of just giving me a refund). Today after a few months would be the day I get to brew tea with it!

As I arranged the tea set on the tray, I dawned on me… I didn’t buy a matching fair/justice cup!!!

Tea on a rainy day

What?! The traves-tea!!

Glass tea set

But that shouldn’t stop my merry making! So…

She left the “web”,

She left the “loom”,

She took three paces thro’ the room,

She watched the “water-lily bloom”

Yes! My first pour! I was so excited I forgot to rinse out the tea leaves… Oh well, whatever doesn’t kill us can only make us slimmer…


In my defence, it was so pre-tea… I… just… had… to… taste!!

But there was something missing… Justice… Fairness!!

Okay… I’ll just have to make do!

Mix and match

I mean… It’s not the same but…  justice finally served!!


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