My Fair Lady

It’s been ages since I met Elizah!! 💞

AGES I tell you!! I think the last time I met her was maybe after working for 2 years? Or 4? Or 6? I know it was when I was thinking of changing jobs (which happens once every 2 years).

Good thing Elizah was flexi on location and crashed the standing dinner plan I had with Shyni.

As usual,  peak hour traffic was horrible and Elizah was the first to reach… Followed be little old me and Shyni.

I think we’ve all changed since poly… But managed to stayed much the same… If that is indeed possible.

Elizah used to be stick thin, dressed in oversized baseball Ts, hair bunned up, carrying an equally oversized backpack and sneakers..

Shyni would be in her stovepipe jeans (me too!), reggae tops and leather sandles…

I would be wearing… Well… the ah-hui version of what Shyni wore, carrying a Kipling backpack (which I still have)…

Today instead, Elizah and Shyni both donned shift dresses. Elizah floral and Shyni’s embroidered. Elizah was wearing ballerina flats carrying the tiniest green Kate Spade bag and Shyni office pumps. I was wearing a stripped top and pleated skirt…

As with all nights Shyni and I had the loin tongkatsu and as usual the waitress announced that Shyni was a regular patron (mind you we always dined there together)… Elizah had the salmon tongkatsu and deep fried shrimp and agadashi toufu and sparkling 🍶 sake… Okay, to be fair we all shared the shrimp and sake 😂

Of course if it’s cute, it must be nice!

We met at 🕢 7.30pm at the 313 Saboten and stayed till they kicked us out… Though not without taking a picture!

After that we adjourned to Oreole Cafe & Bar just to chill (once more).

Notable declarations

Nikki: Did you know, now it’s called being introverted and not antisocial. So I’m not antisocial, I’m an introvert!

Notable retorts

Shyni: Nikki you are just antisocial!


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