Last minute plans…

Sentosa is a funny place… We’ve been going there since young, yet we still keep going… Each time we visit it seems we need more time… Of course now we start off much later, we don’t rush through and take things slow.

Jennifer took up another assignment to promote the island and asked if Minhui and I would like to join. This round I was in time to borrow the company’s ASA card. So like any “normal” local we took the cable car!

So we settled in pretty quickly…








Next would be to prep our camera phones for selfies!

We’re almost there!

And… Selfie time!!

When we crossed over Jenn went to scout out the location of the street Bazaar while Minhui and I mucked about.

So the Bazaar was okay… Maybe it was still early on the month…

Next up, we went for the Gogreen Segway fun ride (at 50 Beach View)!! Okay,so it’s not that hard to balance, but not to easy to start with!

Practice makes perfect!

Queuing for the actual ride!

Next up… The beach! 🏖 Not that we weren’t already there…

We found a cosy spot at Ola Beach Club and I was promptly abandoned by all as they went about capturing the perfect sunset…

So I guess I didn’t expect to see them again till after dark… But when the drinks appeared… A miracle happened!!

Everyone came back!!

It was a lovely evening

A pint of Asahi Dry helps of course.

Alright, bottoms up!

It’s only five days till the weekend!



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