Of rumours…

I don’t think many of my friends know* that I’ve had a crush on someone in my company ever since I joined… I was mentioning to a colleague a rumour I heard about that person a while back… This is how the conversation went –

明:Yeah… The folks at the mezzanine said he was gay… I was devastated! 💔

JC: Of course he’s not gay! You can see it in his eyes…

明(snapping back) : WHY WERE YOU LOOKING INTO HIS EYES?! WHY?!? 😠😣😱

JC looks to SY for help.

SY: I’m sorry, you’re on your own…


JC (trying hard to skuttle away) : I mean… Erm… I mean he doesn’t have that vibe? 😓


And thus ends Day one of five!

Revenge is a dish, best served cold…




*We are talking about absolute numbers here.

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