Laundry list: February 2018 (updates)

Sunday, 18 Feb
T̶i̶m̶o̶t̶h̶y̶-: 💍
A̶n̶d̶y̶: 👻
J̶a̶c̶k̶i̶e̶: 💍


OK, there’s something to be said about the guy who is upfront.

Maybe it’s just simpler that way. Just let others know that you are looking to widen your social network. Make more friends… or you know, maybe the other thing 🐇… And just let the other person make an informed choice…

👻 no show?!?!
🐑 uneventful (aka meh)
🦃 turkey (self explanatory)
🎲 player
👫 spoken for (attached/with girlfriend)
💍 married
👪 married with child/children
🐇 only interested in xxx
⛔ OMG NO!!! We have nothing in common!?!

💀special scammer category 🏧💰
#onlinedating #drama #storyofmylife

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