Small Monday joys…

1) Style Theory:

Yes! I got in! Thanks to a referral by blackivory 💞

2) Circles Life $0:
Just paid $6 for delivery due tomorrow before 1pm! 💞

Somehow subscriptions are the way to go these days. These 2 subscriptions are new additions to boxgreen, Spotify and Netflix!

Loving all these so far ❤️

💞Updates!! 💞
Just before I slept… I ordered 3 items to be picked up at a pop box near me!

Every thing about Style Theory is practical! The package was big and bulky, but you know what? Once you open the resealable postage bag (something like what you receive from ASOS) your box of freshly laundered clothes is placed in a recyclable tote bag! Very convenient!

The return was just as simple. Just arrange everything on the app, but don’t dilly dally cos the end to end pop station return takes about 3 working days. Don’t worry, it’s all trackable!

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