Now we sit in silence…

X and I having a fight now.. I said that the original carbonara recipe doesn’t have cream…

He insists it does…

I said, “Search for the recipe with the word original or authentic…”

“No need”, he retorted.

He searched out Marco Pierre White’s recipe to prove me wrong.. Cos he’s a Michelin chef.. Then when I wanted to show him another recipe he refused to look at the recipe I found.

When I was visibly upset he patronisingly said he’d buy me a beer (beer was the prize to winning the bet).

Now we sit in silence…

*Just as a reference, I am fine with the non authentic carbonara as long as a good heavy (and I mean superloaded heavy) cream is used.


Sat, 9 Feb 2019 update:

I’m impressed that Peter checked the carbonara ingredients with an Italian… And came back to tell me (very subtly) that I was right…


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