Sunday, 23 December 2018: The Other Side of the Coin

So they say there are always two sides to a story, and here is Mother’s:

I must say, this was all true. If this was too long a read, the short excerpt above summarises it well enough.

Is there anything I can say?

  • It has always been a terrible transgression of mine not announcing each time I boil water.
  • The last time I was startled and yelped back at a screaming banshee I had the worst lashing out in a small space (in Canada over the washing machine).
  • All I could do was to calm myself and answer the obvious questions.
  • Didn’t know what to do after that, went to my room and sat in a dark corner.

You might have guessed, here are ways my Mother could exact her revenge (or justice, whatever):

  • Only boil water once in a blue moon so that I will be caught unawares and scald myself (think sleeping beauty pricking herself on a spindle).
  • Throw boiling water at me when I least expect it. Or
  • Boil water and not tell me. Wait a minute… She/we have always been doing this! Omg! We are the world’s most horrific family!!


She did say “… Just you wait.” and wait I shall.

*Did anyone realise that my Mother painted a horrible story of me to my one and only sister? How I watched my mother boil and went about my business like a sociopath? No? Didn’t get that?

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