Friday, 22 February 2019: Toto Angbao Draw

So today was the toto ang bao draw… Didn’t know that when I woke though.

Here’s what happened:

Today instead of my usual bag, I carried a backpack. So reaching for my wallet wouldn’t be that convenient (or glamorous). So I decided to take out $2 for breakfast and another $10 just in case I bump into someone who needs it more than me.

Took a bus, bought my breakfast and continued on to the office. As I walked past Fortune Centre this lady asked if I would like to buy toto tickets (is that what you call it?). I thought, this could be promising.

I asked how much it would be (着么买啊? ). It was $10 for 9 sets of numbers. Exactly what I had on hand.

And when was the draw? Today!

Could this be a sign?!

Fortune Centre… Exact change… And since I don’t buy toto… Toto coming to me?!?

After I passed her $10, she placed the tickets into a lovely ang bao and wished me good luck as she handed it to me.

So the day went on… Work… Lunch… Work… Dinner… Home…

Home… And now to check the results!

Nope, nope, nope… Nope, nope, nope… Nope… Nope… Nope…

Sigh… Not a single row had all 6 numbers…

But how could this be?! All the signs were there.. I had to win something? No?

Next… Better find out how one wins anything in toto:

To play Toto, punters (lol, I’m a punter… Always thought I was a punner) pick at least six numbers between 1 and 49.

Each draw yields six winning numbers and an additional number, and punters are guaranteed a cash prize if at least three of their chosen numbers are included in the six winning ones.

To win the jackpot (Group 1 prize), all six chosen numbers must match the winning ones. The jackpot can be shared among multiple winners.

Okay, so I don’t need all numbers to match… Hmm.. What do we have here… Max two numbers in a row… Wait.. Wait.. Three?!?

Omg! I’ve won something!!! 💞

Breathe… Okay, now.. What have I won…

Google my friend.. What have I won?!?

So it seems… The windfall covered my cost… But… It’s all good, cos it means I was right!

These were all good signs I experienced in the morning!

Updates: Today I just realised there were almost a million people who won the group seven prize (yes, that’s what they call it). I guess I’m one in a million!! 😂

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