You could fall prey too

Got woken up by mom early this morning… She was excited and wanted to buy this new crypto currency by CashlessPay Group backed by Singapore… With photo and quote from our MINISTER Of FINANCE Lee Hsien Loong.

“Very cheap! Help me buy $X,XXX worth! Your sister will be buying, you buy too!”

This morning she had a short lesson on how to recognise (and maybe avoid) online fraud.

A few things:

  • New this big, why is it not on main stream news? Not on Straits Times, not on CNA…
  • There were step by step instructions on how to sign up on the “CNBC” site.
  • And really, Lee Hsien Loong is our Prime Minister.
  • Google is your best friend; before you do it, search it!

N.B. The news was on a fake CNBC website hosted by trulibrarian dot com.

#onlinefraud #phising #cashlesspaygroup #fraud #trulibrarian #scam #cryptocurrency

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