Too good to be true…

I’ve been away from the office, on course/training for the last two days. Sheltered from all office shenanigans. Well almost all but let’s not go into the exceptions…

The first day of training ended at 5pm… I headed home then out for a church service… I left with a prayer of blessing…

Today, the 2nd day of the course, I went to Don Don Donki to get some nibbles for Terry and me and headed home.

When I got home mom offered to steam some veg for me…

I went and replenished the ice, then the ice trays and poured myself a cup of water (from the water pot that was in the refrigerator).

That just about emptied the pot out.

So I filled the kettle with tap water so that I could boil it (this is understood).

Now I loathed boiling water since December 2018; and since the incident (where I wished I were never born) the kettle had been moved out of the kitchen. So I had to set the kettle down to unlock the gate.

During that split second where I went to get the keys, mom picked up the water pot and asked, “Why did you use all the water?”.

There was a pause and I said I poured myself a cup of water. Then I took the full kettle of water out. Mom of course didn’t realise that since I didn’t need to fill the kettle, it would mean that the kettle was already full, implying that I was already making my way to boil water.

While the water was being boiled I got called in to be told off again.

“When I asked you why you used up the water, you answered that you poured yourself water. I am not saying that you should not drink.. How dare you imply… Next time pour the water into a cup first. <confused look on my face as I looked down at the cup of water I had in my hands>… Pour the water into a cup before pouring it into the ice tray. You waste a lot of water pouring directly from the water pot to the ice tray. I have poured water directly from the pot and wasted a lot of water that way… How much water was there in the pot?” <I signaled half a pot>

I’m not sure I’ve mentioned this but mom was always right.

Anyway her point was I must have wasted a lot of water doing whatever I did, the way I did it.

And honestly, it’s only when you pour from a full pot that you can’t control the flow as well and waste a whole lot of cold water. It does take about a cup to fill each ice tray. So that must have been 2 cups of water for the ice trays and one for me… 300ml each making it almost 1 liter.

I stepped out to watch the kettle boil… It was during then that I realised that there were mean and vicious ants crawling around. So I took some boiled water and poured it over them.

I brought the kettle back into the kitchen and left it to rest.

Sidetrack, I’m also uncertain if I should transfer the hot water into the water pot. I’ve been scolded before for doing so without washing it cos the pot had not been washed for some time. I’ve also been scolded for washing the pot cos it was washed recently (how was I to know?).

Damned if I do, Damned if I don’t.

At this moment dinner/veg was ready. But I thought it would be uncomfortable eating in the same vacinity and retreated to my room.

After a while mom yelled for me to ask if I planned to go down and eat the veg she steamed, I said I did.

She then proceeded to tell me off for only boiling half a pot of water.

“Just because you used half a pot doesn’t mean you only replenish half a pot!” <death glare>

Since the last comment got me into trouble (mainly cos her question was rediculous, and I wouldn’t know how to read her mind), I decided to keep quiet.

She went on again about me just boiling half a pot of water.

“There are markings in the kettle to show you… Take this out to boil.”

At that point I told her is used some water to kill ants. There was no reply.

I took the kettle out. Stayed out until mom had finished her dinner and left the kitchen.

I hate my life. No joy at work, no happiness at home.

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