I think it’s just easier to believe that when mom acts up it’s cos I’m under spiritual attack. It is easier to believe that she’s the devil’s biggest pawn against me rather than “this is just her…”.

~Nikki Ming~

Yes, I quoted myself. Deal with it.

After 2 days of hiding away, I woke up kinda late… Mom asked if I wanted a scone… Asked if I read what she sent me (it was her interpretation of what pastor Christopher said and prayed over me)… She also told me not to use that tone on her again… Ok, I admit. There’s always a tone with me… Especially when.. Okay, let’s not go into that…

I said ok.

Then she said people can call her all manner of things, but being mean is one thing she is not. After she repeated her point on meanness, I told her that was why I didn’t understand her question.

She then went on to say that she has poured out water from the water pot directly into the ice trays and spilled/wasted a lot of water. And when I used all the water I should have taken active steps to boil and replenish it.

No… Really… I don’t know what came over me, I welled up.

I told her I was! I filled the kettle to bring it out to boil and when I went to get the keys when she started saying all that. She replied to say that the kettle wasn’t full of water and went on to worrying if she had filled the pot with unboiled water.

By this time I was already hysterically sobbing and talking (maybe screaching).

I said no! She didn’t pour the water from the kettle into the water pot. Recapping the events I said that:

  1. I took the water from the pot, fill the ice trays.
  2. Then I filled my cup with water. (rambled on to say that by then I had forgotten that I used the water in the pot to fill the ice trays. So I didn’t know why she ask why I used up all the water. – but seriously, the question itself…)
  3. It takes 1 cup to fill each tray and I took one cup. That makes 3 cups.
  4. I then filled the kettle with tap water.
  5. Put it down.
  6. Went to take the keys to open the gate.

I was still sobbing uncontrollably, mom came over in attempt to console me. Offered me one silver coin… Then offered me four… I don’t remember if she apologised but she ended by telling me not to use that tone on her again.

I don’t know why, it was as if she was just blinded to everything that night. If mom didn’t know how much it takes to fill the ice trays I (kind of) understand. But the kettle was full of water…

What was she blinded by?

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