Slow learner

Woke up this morning thinking 💭 I just give up…

As I was getting ready for work, I heard mom go into the bathroom… And for no apparent reason I tried to move faster so I may not have to bump into her before I left home.

Just as I was taking my bag…

“Nik!”, she yelled.

Oh God, what now?

“Next time bring the basket down!”

I was confused, again.

“The laundry basket! Can you catch it??” she said as she dangled the laundry basket above my head threatening to drop it.

“Erm, no?” I walked up to take the basket from her.

So I guess there’s always a reason to be yelled at. She could have just asked me to bring the empty laundry basket down when I saw it. But she had to yell it like she’s told me a hundred times before and I’ve never done it even once!

Anyway, just as I left she she happily chirped that the “Wi-Fi people are coming”.

Way to keep me emotionally unbalanced and tiptoeing around…

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