When you are all heart but don’t know what to do with it…

Was waiting for the bus when I saw a blind man alight…

I like how people look out silently for him just to make sure he doesn’t fall down a flight of stairs, and that other people don’t bump into him..

I like how no one asks him where he needs to go…

Guess it’s better than nothing…

Okay… So it didn’t end there…

I went up to him to ask if he needed help… But there was this mother and child near him silently trying to make sure people saw him and didn’t bump into him. I thought they knew each other. Just as I turned to walk away, I realised my friends and family probably wouldn’t use this as a way of teaching me independence.

I tapped his arm and asked where he was headed to… He wanted to go to the mrt station…

Nikki, what were you thinking… You have no sense of direction.

I think when you have lost one sense you gain a few others. He must have picked up on this and gave me simpler cues. Thankfully he told me he needed to cross the road.

At this I told him I would lead him to the traffic junction. Then I left him there to fend for himself once again.

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