Tading in…

明 : Have you be stalking my portfolio?🐇 : Yup!明 : And…?🐇 : You bought something…明 : Let me show you! (opens app) Oh no!! What happened to my Baidu?!🐇 : Maybe your stop loss kicked in?明 : What?!? Nooooooo…!! Wait… That can’t be… I’m in the green…🐇 : Must have been the take profit!!

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So this could prove entertaining for a while… Till I lose money (obviously I hope not)… But then again.. Probability of gains is higher than Singapore Pools* 😜*In case I didn’t mention (which I didn’t), I won $10 in toto in Oct and $10 again on 4 Nov & 7 Nov. Small joys in life…

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